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What Makes A Good Story?

What Makes A Good Story?

Stories about Relationships.

Anything bizzare or heart warming, betrayal, love rats, love against the odds, happy endings after years of trauma, odd couples, suprise events, acts of friendship.

Life and Community.

Neighbours from hell, incredible friendships, fate leading you into strange circumstances, amazing communities.

Unusual Event.

Did you have a themed wedding? A surprise party in more ways than one? A white wedding on your 40th wedding anniversary? A disaster wedding or did you marry your childhood sweetheart?

Tales of Crime & Betrayal.

Being two-timed, putting someone behind bars, surviving domestic violence, rape or assault.

Stories about Courage/Illness.

Beating or dealing with cancer, alopecia, blindness, anorexia, breast cancer, whether it’s you or a loved one.

Brave and courageous, inspiring love, medically unexpected pregnancy, medical firsts, twins and triplets.