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Why I terminated three pregnancies – Notebook

This is not an easy subject matter, but one that Katy and I felt was so important to share. Medical terminations are performed for a variety of reasons and are a complex and emotional decision for any mother to have to make. Katy never thought she’d be in a position to have to terminate a pregnancy, but for three unrelated and unfortunate reasons, she has had to go through the trauma and tragedy three times.

Notebook (the supplement magazine inside the Sunday Mirror) dealt with the delicate subject matter with grace and sensibility.  You can read the full story here. 

Katy has had a great response to her story from sympathetic members of the public and we’ll next be telling her story in Woman’s Own, to further a need to break the taboo about terminations.

If you’d like to share your story of going through a similar journey to Katy, then we’d love to help you share it sensitively, in a way that helps other families. Please contact me today for an initial chat.